Services and rates

I introduce you to the different modalities and options that can be adapted to your interests. I come to your home, work place, beach or garden and arrange for it to become a Pilates studio.

     Classic Pilates poses and adaptations. 1 hour of practice focused on postural correction, toning and body strengthening.

     Practice focused on releasing tension in the muscles and increasing their flexibility.

     Low impact and low-pressure gymnastics on the pelvic floor and abdomen. Therapeutically focused, classes will be individual or very small groups. The session will last 40 minutes.

     Low to moderate impact workout method, coordination and joint mobility, as well as general physical conditioning.

     We conduct live and guided virtual classes, through the Teams platform, 40 minutes long, you can ask questions and comments after class to   improve your workouts.

     Sports activities plan based on the objectives and needs of the client.

     Adapted and realistic nutritional plans focused on achieving the client's goals. 

     Natural therapies, phytotherapy, reflexology, iridology, supplementation, detox programs, liver and intestinal cleansing, conscious consumption, organic cosmetics and family care and hygiene.


Special prices for groups in events, hotels or enterprises.

The rates apply in the area of Marratxi, for nearby areas and the rest of the island, please consult displacement.